Team Square: The Evolution

Jan 5
Team Square: The Evolution

Team Square: The Evolution

The story behind the evolution of Team Square involves the endless brainstorming sessions, untimed meetings, harsh arguments, mutual consents, criticism, appreciation, and after hours of discussions when our brains got jammed, and blocked the supply of creative ideas,our life saver rescued us- the endless cups of coffee. After these series of events, we came up with the most intuitive Human resource management system ever known to the mankind.

The HR meeting took too long that day, and the agenda was the effective working of HR system in the organization. Was it powerful enough to support the company’s growth? Were they able to make a real strategic impact with their tasks or something was impeding their working process? These questions were to be answered, and this discussion took the meeting to a different level, where the HR professionals and experts stressed on the need of an automated solution, which could make the work process faster and efficient.

We all knew that something wasn’t running smoothly, and it was worrying the HR department. A more powerful HR system was the need of the hour, because in this technology driven world, there is no space for paper pushers. You need to have smart solutions which can contribute to the growth of an organization. The coffee stained table was packed with the inked papers, ideas were taking birth, and knocking the creative nerve of our brains, we came up with a solution which made HR more interesting.

Before Team Square, the HR operations were sluggish, and the decision making lied in the hands of the HR alone, there was no space for anyone’s assistance. Boring spreadsheets were consuming most of the time, and complicated formulas left the professionals over occupied. They get tied to their office cabin because of the traditional HR practices, and painstaking paper work.

The birth of Team Square desolved all the deadly dilemma, which were obstructing the smooth working of the system. We added our expertise, creativity with a dash of powerful functionality in the user friendly interface to give an impactful Human Resource Management software. Team square- As the name suggests it is about the team as a whole. The platform where people of the organization come together and work to flourish.

We believe that it was not only affecting our growth, but yours too. Come along, and discover what our team has in store for you and your company.