Enriched Employee Database

No more struggle of maintaining hefty spreadsheets, the software allows you to save the detailed information of your employees in single software. This paperless process reduces the efforts of the HR department to keep the record of employee’s personal information, job description, designation hiring, termination, salary and much more. Impressive user profiles, systematic and detailed information makes this a key module.

Attendance & Time Tracking Device

The attendance tracking software is compatible with every attendance device. This means the automatic fetching of the attendance records discards the orthodox practice and tedious process of manual checking or entries. The system communicates with the biometric device to calculate the work time, late arrivals and early punch outs of the employees. The flexible features of editing in the attendance or time settings of any user, give a strong power to the admin.

Absence Record Book

The software acts like record book which manage the leaves of your employees. By automating the HR operations, Team Square extends a helping hand to the HR department in managing leaves of the staff. The report builder solves the leave issues of your team by keeping a constant track in the leave module. Go paperless by uploading the leave policies and embrace the smart way for absence management.

Assign Roles and Permissions

Systematic communication can increase productivity. Allocate the roles or the duties to your employees and maintain the transparency within the organization. Division of responsibilities reduces efforts and saves time. Use your power to allow the desired users for having the access to chief modules through the Permission module. Create an organized system by streamlining the work process.

Powerful Payroll Processing

Keep the financial record of employees that includes salaries, reimbursements, increments, earnings, deductions with easy documentation system of Team Square. Generate automated pay slips with advanced and efficient features. Now, there’s faster clearance of salaries and no more confusing figures.

Job Postings

The strength of a company is because of it\'s employees. The major challenge of the HR department is to recruit a skilled and talented candidate who can make a difference to the organization. This module helps in alerting the existing workforce about the current openings for getting quality references. Create an in-house job portal and let the hunt for an ideal employee begin.

Performance Reviews

Improve the quality of work by analyzing regular performance reports of the individuals. Get at-a-glance summary of employee performance in the HRM software and enhance the work proficiency. Create comprehensive reports with graphic representation and make reviews more professional and interesting. No more laborious work of preparing hefty reports every time.

Social Updates

The intelligent software integrated with powerful HR solutions will keep you informed about the daily activities of your workplace. The inbuilt smart features of the software will notify you about all the latest happenings and news feeds of your organization. Get social media feeds, birthday & anniversary updates of your colleagues regularly and keep connecting.

Skill Enhancement

The unparalleled features of the software help in increasing employee performance at work and assist in the overall skill enhancement. Upload informative webinars, enlightening workshops and engage with your team in energetic discussions or forums. Rate yourself on a specific skill and be an assistance to other individuals seeking tutorials.

Project Highlights

The software acts like a sole platform for displaying the informative report of the on-going projects within the system. The detailed report from individuals involved in the task and brief at every assessment stage is represented in a sorted way.


Stay active and upbeat with the latest happenings around you. Update the News section with the current headlines and spread awareness amongst your staff members. Send newsletters within the workplace or to your clients to show the active participation of your company in vast areas. Reduce distances and reach out to your team through an interesting approach.